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We're Nimble

Cosmic is a full-range advertising and design studio based in Downtown Toronto. We are quick on our feet (and on our computers). At Cosmic, we credit our modest size, diverse skill set, and collaborative spirit to our ability to respond swiftly to the needs of our clients.

We're Understanding

Cosmic believes in cultivating relationships directly with clients and cutting out the middleman. These partnerships are built on trust and clear communication, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. This results in creative solutions that hit the mark every time.

We're Approachable

We get it. Design can be confusing. "Kerning" does sound like it refers to popcorn, not typography. Whether it's deciphering production specs or interpreting design jargon, you can depend on Cosmic to help guide you through it.

We're Reliable

For a ship to function, you need the support of a reliable engine. Trust Cosmic to produce high quality work on time, with your objectives in mind. Two pairs of eyes re better than one, so let us be your second set.

We're Creative

We approach every problem strategically, considering all the potential possibilities and pushing the limits of our imaginations. This allows us to develop innovative and elegant solutions with a defined objective.